The music industry is badly in need of change. The percentages that record labels take in exchange for the work they do is far too high, and because labels use in-house designers and distributors and focus on the reduction of cost, artists don’t have the proper input when it comes to art direction and quality. On top of all this, there’s a severe lack of accountability and forward-thinking strategy.

Being signed with a label means facing more limitations than opportunities because, at the end of the day, the musicians aren’t the ones in control.

While being signed with a label may give an artist a momentary feeling of legitimacy, the reality is that many, many artists find themselves tied up in contracts that do not further their career but instead grind them to a halt.


CHOIRGIRL is a new option for artists who’ve been taken advantage of by the outdated practices within the music industry. We are creating a new way of working with artists. It’s not yet another label. Instead, it’s a partnership.

We help artists decide where to invest their money without locking them into needless contracts. We provide strategy and branding, design, video, marketing, and (most importantly) artist development.
Labels create conditions that keep artists dependent on them. We help you connect to your audience and utilize them to create sustainable income for the creative work you want to do. Rather than fronting you some cash and then owning you for the life of a contract, we partner with you so you can immediately start growing your audience and generating income to support your music.