To talk about the patronage model, we need to talk about its major misconception.

When we think about an artist asking their audience for support directly, our minds turn to services like Kickstarter where the pitch revolves around fans supporting a potential future project like an album. Unfortunately this doesn’t actually work, because in today’s digital age we have so much content freely flowing into our lives that it’s essentially ubiquitous. This has directly devalued the concept of paying directly for a project.

Healthy patronage models aren’t about building paywalls or becoming Instagram influencers. Instead, it’s about a group of committed fans feeling happy to support an artist making the art they love. Are there perks sometimes? Sure! But it’s not about the perks. It’s about the level of connection that a patron-artist relationship can provide.

It isn’t intended to capture your entire audience base. It’s intended to capture the most dedicated members who your work has resonated so deeply with that they are looking for a method of supporting you directly.

Most artists with a committed audience could find a way to get 1,000 people to contribute $100 a year, or ~$8 a month. That would be $100,000 a year, which for many artists would be a healthy living.

With the revenue gained from patronage, we will help you create merchandise, websites, videos, and other things that can bring in even more income. As CHOIRGIRL will take a small percentage of the profits from each venture, you will make money from the very beginning while retaining control of your career and your music.

No more starving artists.